Language Policy

        The medium of instruction in BPS in all subjects is English except for Chinese Language, Chinese Literature, Chinese History and Putonghua.

        The school makes English enhancement a top priority.  To cultivate an English-rich environment, we offer Literature in English across all levels. For Liberal Studies, English is employed as the medium of instruction from S.1 to S.3, all the way through to the NSS. We believe that this will accommodate the learning styles of our students and enable them to think critically and express themselves proficiently in English.

        Other than that, our school is committed to the implementation of bi-literacy and tri-lingualism. To this end, a spectrum of learning programmes and activities are organized every year, adding vibrancy and colour to school life. Growing up in a school environment that recognizes language talent, our students have made distinguished achievements in speech and drama. The budding poets, young writers, avid readers, award-winning actresses and skilled debaters we produce every year bear testimony to the passion and talent of our students in language learning.

       Actually, our school has made a further stride in Language Education. To cater for the diverse interests and abilities of our students, we have been offering Modern Languages since 2008. With the partnership and full support of the Department of Modern Languages and Culture of the University of Hong Kong, we are now able to allow students to enroll for foreign language courses of their own choice. To develop our students' global perspectives, this year, we continue to offer courses on Japanese and Spanish.

Other than that, we are also honoured to have invited a handful of well-known leaders in Hong Kong who all excel in their own fields to host an innovative English Speaking Programme called the 'English Speaking Leagues'. With the insight and interesting background of big names such as Sir David Akers-Jones, KBE, CMG, GBM, JP(Chief Secretary of HK 1985-87), Mr. James Blake, DBE, JP(Former Chief Officer of KCR) , Mr. Stephen Selby, JP (Assoicate Professor, HK Poly U), Mrs Rachel Cartland (Retired Government Servant), Sir T.L. Yang, GBM, JP, LL. D, DLitt (Former Chief Justice of HK) and Mr. Chris Hall (Retired senior Accountant), students will certainly learn from their experience as they hear their success stories and learn English with fun.                                                     

          It is our conviction that our students' potential will be realized to the full if we can offer a broad and balanced curriculum that embraces diversity and believes in the self-actualizing power of every child.

English Speaking Leagues 2013-2014