School History

When our school first opened in 1890, it was called the Central School for Girls. Three years later in 1893, it was re-named Belilios Public School in honour of Mr. Emmanual Raphael Belilios, who had donated $25,000 to enable the school to have a new building in Hollywood Road. Mr. Belilios was a Jewish trader who came from India to Hong Kong in 1862. In Hong Kong, he had served as the Chairman of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank and also of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels Group that owned the Mandarin and Peninsula Hotels. Thirty years after he set foot on Hong Kong, he was appointed to the Legislative Council in recognition of his many contributions to Hong Kong society.

However, Mr. Belilios was best remembered for being a great philanthropist. Before he made the $25,000 donation to enable our school to have a new 3-storeyed building, he had donated $5,000, one third of the total costs for setting up the Alice Memorial Hospital, which served as one of the major teaching hospitals for students of the Hong Kong College of Medicine for Chinese (which later became the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Hong Kong). With a view to promoting the welfare and education of Chinese girls who were driven to crimes and prostitution by poverty, Mr Belilios also made available the funding for establishing a probation home for girls. There was and is also an abundance of scholarships established with Mr Belilios' donations either during his lifetime or upon death. They have enabled needy students to pursue education at the universities.

As Sir William Robinson, the Governor, remarked on the occasion of Mr Belilios' appointment to the Legislative Council,". that he has the interests of [Hong Kong] at heart is shown by his many magnificent gifts for the promotion of education." In April 1965, the school moved to its present premises in Tin Hau Temple Road. To mark the occasion, a new school motto 'Climb High, See Wide', a school song and a new school badge were created.

Photo taken in the 1900's


School Motto

School Vision

It is our vision to enable each and every student to acquire a whole-person education whereby she grows and excels all through her pursuit of knowledge, skills and values. We pledge to nurture our students as future leaders who are competent to face challenges and committed to the betterment of their local, national and global communities.


School Mission

1) To promote the spirit of the school motto – Climb High See Wide.
2) To aim at academic excellence by providing a lively and enjoyable learning environment.
3) To enhance students’ generic skills such as creative thinking and independent learning skills conducive to lifelong learning.
4) To provide a balanced curriculum for students to attain all-round development according to their own attributes in the domains of ethics, intellect, physique, social skills and aesthetics.
5) To foster students’ belief in core and universal values and a willingness to serve mankind.
6) To maintain a team of professional and dedicated staff committed to the shared vision of education in the 21st century.